First post

Taking Modern British Lit, has enabled me to read some very unusual novels. It seems that any literary genius to break all the rules and write in the strangest fashion still managed to get published. And now they will haunt the reading list of English majors for years to come. Needless to say I’ve had to read various authors’ takes on the stream of consciousness style. This can be interesting, but very difficult and occasionally annoying to read. Maybe I’m just finding a lot of things annoying because I’m suffering from the 3rd cold I’ve contracted this semester.

While reading all these works of insane literary geniuses, I’ve managed to find new ways to distract myself, since the delights provided by Facebook offer merely minimal deterrence from literary enlightenment. I’ve become addicted to a couple sites that provide a respite from the political propaganda thrown at you by checking on a daily basis.
The first of these new addictions is Office Tally. Being a fan of The Office, I find the site quite enjoyable. It contains deleted scenes from current episodes, pictures from fans, Halloween costume tips, and spoilers on upcoming episodes. I find it very diverting. I mean, isn’t everyone concerned with whether Jim and Pam will really get married?
For more fanciful fun, I stumbled across this website of a writer who found some very entertaining obscure fairy tales in her research for her book. Ms. Durst posts her findings and her commentary about their randomness.
Well, there’s my first post. I hope you find these sites as diverting as I did. I hope to post again soon about my novel and its plot. This post should also explain the title of my blog as well.


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