Childhood Christmas Classics

Christmas is a season that can tend to get crowded with commercialization and emphasis on the unnecessary and the superfluous. Now I’m not going to sit here and preach like everybody and his brother. Unlike the renowned Everybody’s fraternity, I merely want to say that what has brought me the most joy this season is being around others. Being around my friends and family especially at this time of year has helped me to value them more than usual. But enough of the gooey stuff. Just wanted to say love you all lots and Merry Christmas!

This weekend I discovered a long lost video from my childhood Christmases. Bloom County’s A Wish for Wings that Work. I had a random whim to search for it on youtube, and low and behold, there it was. Wow, this did bring back memories: Opus, Bill the cat, hairballs, albatross, rhinoceros, lobotomy coupons and barfing on the Chinese rug. Nothing like the randomness of a Bloom County classic. I have to admit, it was so much funnier to watch now as an adult, there was so much stuff that had gone over my head while watching it as a kid. There are some great lines such as when Opus the penguin says: “I’m an insult, I might as well be a dung beetle, or a fly infested worm infused molded mildewed scrub of rotten banana…or a network executive.” Classic.
Of the odd memories of this cartoon my brother and I distinctly remember, is that Opus faxes his letter to Santa, oh how very 90’s.

Another of my esoteric Christmas Special loves is “It’s Christmastime again Charlie Brown!” A lesser known Charlie Brown special that if I remember correctly was obtained by my family from the shell station back in the early 90’s. It is a combination of classic short Peanuts story lines, including: Charlie Brown selling his entire comic book collection to buy gloves for the little red-haired girl; Peppermint Patty obsessing over holiday homework assignments, as well as being relegated to playing the sheep in the school play, while Marcie gets to play Mary. Most memorably however, Sally is cast as an angel in the play, all she has to say is hark, but much to the 50 apostles chagrin, she belts out “Hockeystick!”
Yes, this is one Christmas classic that has and will be a staple in my family for generations.

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