Five Iron Frenzy, they were really, really, really good.

Once upon a time in a Galaxy far far away at the turn of the millennium, there was a great ska band known as Five Iron Frenzy, or FIF.
They were a great band that gave us the gift of six years (1997-2003) of awesome, goofy, humorous, and trumpet filled ska songs. They were even sillier than Relient K. Like wayyy sillier. One of their best EP’s, Quantity is Job 1, includes “These are not my pants” (The Rock Opera). This goofball song series is about the epic saga of pants without an owner and is done in different styles of music ranging from Meatloaf to heavy-metal. There is an awesome youtube rendition of it where some teenagers with too much time on their hands re-enact the entire opera.

One of FIF’s best songs is also found on this EP, My Evil Plan to Save the World. Probably one of the catchy-est songs ever.

Relient K did a tribute to them on their last B-sides/EP: “The Bird and the Bee Sides.” Their tribute consists of two songs: “Five Iron Frenzy is Either Dead or Dying” and “Five Iron Frenzy is Either Dead or Dying (Wannabe Ska Version).”
Both are full on tongue-in-cheek Relient K-ness which is truly an homage to the great FIF.
Thus with Relient K, I say: “Five Iron Frenzy, they were good, they were good, they were really really really good. Five iron frenzy And when you see them
We really really think you should Thank them for being so cool and so awesome And thank them for being so neato.”


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