Poetry Workshop

 Ok, to tide everyone over until the next more in-depth post, here’s one of the more famous/well liked poems I’ve written for my poetry workshop this semester. The subject matter should not really come as a surprise. 😉

Saturday Morning
Blue hedgehog morning
warm with sugary milk,
silky clad skin in princess pajamas
wild tumbled mane of curls.
Tendrils of sleep about my eyes
Opened wider as I beheld
the fastest thing alive
Fighting robots like Yoshimi
in a land beyond
I am as fast as the hedgehog
Feel the freedom pour through my lungs
the grass of my yard is tossed beneath me
My new sneakers are fast
like his red ones
hedgehogs do not belong
with squirrel girls in boots
he belongs with me, a hedgehog girl
whose spikes are a cushion of curls.

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