Ireland Inspired Poem.

Hello folks!
Well I feel I should update. I did go to Ireland. Over Spring Break. Which is definitely update worthy, but this, my last semester is getting crazy so that post will have to wait. For now, enjoy this poem!

Icon of Sorrow
Your hands outstretched
to the world
to salt-sea-water
to men, to women,
to those who leave.
Your head tilted in sorrow,
in utmost melancholy.
Your hands reach out
in anguish.You know 
your people must leave
the green, green, shores
of home.
But perhaps a day may come
in the far off dying years
you will be gone.
But your image shall
remain. A reminder
of sorrows past.
Mournful enough
to touch the spirit
of a young colleen,
a descendant
on the Long Journey Home. 

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