New Looney Tunes: Yay or Nay?

Bugs Bunny is one of my childhood heroes. He’s who I strive to be in life. No not really, but really I’m sure we’d all like to be as clever, confident and sarcastic as he is. So when I heard that he was coming back in an all new show re-vamped for modern audiences on Cartoon Network I was both skeptical and ecstatic. There are some who believe this is taking the show on a very bad left turn at Albuquerque. However, the new designs alone looked new and quirky and yet retro at the same time. The plot intrigues me as well, Bugs and Daffy as roommates in suburbia. I know this is more like a sitcom than the slapstick cartoon style, but honestly I think if you really want that you can go watch the old cartoons. And as my youngest brother says, if kids these days want slapstick they can watch Spongebob. The new premise seems a bit more along the lines of past cartoon network revamps of old cartoons like the Brak Show. It’s funny precisely because you are putting these characters into a different scenario and basically seeing how they will work/act in that situation. I think it can still be in the vein of old Looney Tunes. Even the Animaniacs showed the Warner sibs going about their daily lives or in different situations and that worked brilliantly.

That is still true to the old cartoons which would place the characters in bank heists, Arabia, and the antarctic, granted that was mainly because of wrong turns at Albuquerque. But that is the beauty of having such solid well-developed characters. You can put them into different situations and see how they behave. As a writer I can see how this would be very enjoyable to write and think about. Having characters you know so well, you can figure out how they will act and behave in different scenarios is golden. Just one of the many reasons Looney Tunes is such a brilliant show. I can’t say much since the show hasn’t aired yet, except that the few clips I have seen so far seem great. It’s taking the characters in a new direction, but from what I can see is without total re-writes or flanderization. (Unlike some other unmentionable re-imaginings of the toons in the 90’s and 00’s). We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out when it airs May 3 at 8pm. I’m hoping for the best. Even though I don’t really need another cartoon to be addicted to watching all the time. So until it premieres: That’s all folks!

Yeah. I love this rabbit a lot.
  1. Do you think Warner Brothers will keep it chock full of Propaganda, like the old ones? lol. that was some hilarious historical humor back then.

  2. Hmm, I wonder. I hope they do. Also the old literary references were great. How else would we all know Steinbeck.

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