Pixar Month: Why The Incredibles is the Best.

Brave coming out this month means June is Pixar month! Since Brave is supposed to be Pixar’s first film with a female lead, I thought we’d take a look at The Incredibles, which itself features some hard-core and strong female leads in an ensemble cast. And it is my favorite of the Pixar films outside of the Toy Story Trilogy. I love this movie. Just all the things about it. Families of superheroes are immensely entertaining and yet relatable.

1. Helen Parr/Elastagirl. She is everything I strive to be in life. I was fifteen when this film came out and she was the character I related to the most. Riddle me that. Also talking during the wedding. (I talk during everything.)

Both as Elastigirl and Mrs. Incredible she knows how to work it

1b. Also her hair.

Snarky, dead-pan, but loyal to those she loves. Found here.

2. I am convinced that Violet grows up to be Aubrey Plaza. But more importantly she was voiced by Sarah Vowell of NPR fame and author of The Wordy Shipmates. Let us pause for a moment of mind blowing awesome.

3. Mr. Incredible. Pretty much the ideal guy. He is incredible and strong and played by Craig T. Nelson. You know this is the best combination. Also who didn’t want that sweet limo he had in the opening sequence.

4. Dash. I used to babysit this kid. Literally he was just like him. Has anyone noticed that speedy characters tend to be devil-may-care types. Sonic and Rainbow Dash come to mind. Oh look it up on TVtropes I’m sure those lovely folks will back me up.

5. Syndrome looks like the Heat Miser. Don’t tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought this. He also kinda had a Freakazoid-ish vibe going for him.

The resemblance is uncanny

6. Where is my super suit? Brought to you by Samuel L. Jackson.

7. This movie is quoted often by me and I am not concerned. “She’d eat if we were having Tony Loaf.” and “It’s bigger, it’s badder, ladies and gentlemen it’s too much for Mr. Incredible” being the most common.

8. Don’t ‘Bernie’ me!

9. EDNA MODE. I want to be her BFF and enjoy chats with her. “You are Elastigirl pull yourself together! What will you do! Is this a question?” I need someone to say this to me. Everyday.

10. Kari the baby sitter. “Now let’s just sit and look at flash cards. Won’t that be *fun*” Until he caught on fire. Yes she was the Wiley coyote of babysitters. And we all loved every minute of it.

11. Kid on the tricycle. Come on. We all know this kid was totally wicked. If you grew up in the suburbs there was always this kid. You know you had this kid in your neighborhood. You did.

We all love this kid. How can you not laugh hysterically at this scene. 


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