Movies That Should Not be for Kids

Dumbo. What are some things that come to mind? Cute, flying, baby elephant, TAKEN AWAY FROM HIS MOTHER. This movie is more traumatizing than Bambi, but not just because of the mom thing. Let’s take a look.


I’m adorable. Be prepared to watch everything in my life go down the tubes.

Plot-wise, baby Dumbo is born (who names their child that btw?) everyone thinks he is totes adorbs until he sneezes and it’s revealed he has big ears. So he and his mother are shunned from circus elephant society. Alrighty then, pretty harsh.

Side-note here that has always bugged me as I was a child who researched animals constantly. Our home-boy Dumbo is a different species of elephant. His ears make him an African elephant, while the smaller ears of his mom and the other mean elephant ladies make them Indian elephants. So he’s a mixed race elephant? Where is his dad? These are questions I ask that the movie NEVER ANSWERS.


African elephant. Note the build and the ear size. Dumbo’s dad probably looked like this.


Indian elephant. Notice her ears and build, which is a lot like Dumbo’s mom.

An annoying song happens. Then a creepy song.

More racism happens, the circus workers have no faces.


They made this movie so cheaply they didn’t have time to give us faces and identities.


More racism. Here is exhibited an evil ginger.

Then this wonderful child from the planet obnoxiousia teases Dumbo. This kid and his posse has always irked me. Where are his parents? Then Dumbo’s mom is locked away for attacking the kid. As an adult this makes sense. Even though the kid deserved it. Also it serves as an argument against keeping animals in circuses. Don’t do it. Seriously where is the Sarah Mclachlan commercial for elephant cruelty?

Then Dumbo is left alone and the ADULT female elephants create a living hell for him. Not to mention the clowns and other circus workers. Seriously everyone in this film is awful for no reason.


This movie even depresses me.

Dumbo makes friends with an annoying Mickey Mouse stand-in named Timothy who basically is Dumbo’s voice. He takes Dumbo to see his mom and a sappy song plays. Then more crummy stuff happens. Dumbo takes a bath and Timothy natters on about life. Then the drunk circus workers drop some booze into Dumbo’s bath. He and Tim go through a trippy dream sequence that basically says hey we intoxicated a child elephant and a mouse in a children’s film.


Fine family viewing.

He wakes up in a tree and learns he can fly from another group of unfortunate racial stereotypes. Basically Disney is telling us we can learn of crazy illogical hidden abilities when we are drunk. I’ll let that sink in for you.


Disney has come out and said that these guys were not intended to be racist. So there’s that.

Side note: Disney is always trying to tell us we can fly. Peter Pan much? Mary Poppins defied gravity on a regular basis.

In the end he’s reunited with his mom and learns to believe in himself like the main character at the end of all movies.

What fresh hell is this movie? It was animated super cheaply since the studio had lost a lot of money on Pinocchio and Fantasia. World War II was going on, so I guess that explains a lot. It did somehow make a lot of money for them. I do not understand. This movie is traumatizing. Watch at your own risk.

  1. Dumbo is better than you think said:

    First of all I would just like to comment on the fact that you call yourself a writer where as your writing skills say otherwise. Second, this was probably one of the most biased arguments against something I’ve ever read.

    Now, reasons to contradict your opinion that the movie should not be for kids:
    Dumbo like EVERY OTHER MOVIE has flaws, yet at the time it wasn’t considered racist (as the races were still segregated and being racist wasn’t an abnormal thing) and Disney did apologize for those that misinterpreted the crows. Dumbo is about accepting and loving yourself, and making sure you surround yourself with those who do as well. Timothy accepts Dumbo for who he is, unlike the female elephants and you.
    You said yourself that they had just lost a whole bunch of money with the last two films they had produced so why are you nit-picky about the fact that insignificant characters don’t have faces? If they made a difference to the movie then yes, it would be rather weird to not have faces but who cares? Do we learn any of their names? Their life stories? ANYTHING at all about them other than that they work for the circus? No. So who cares about their faces. They needed to save money and focus on other details of the movie, such as the amazing soundtrack which many of the songs were considered some of Disney’s greatest hits.
    Dumbo is a humorous attack at attacking stereotypes – that mice and elephants can’t be friends/work together/like each other. While you and others say the crows make up for this incredibly making it a stereotype of colored people, the fact that they show caucasians acting horribly towards animals suggests that if anything it’s an attack at all races.

    Reviews were positive. at that time – and to this day. Reviews said it was “a pleasant little story, plenty of pathos mixed with the large doses of humor, a number of appealing new animal characters, lots of good music, and the usual Disney skillfulness in technique”. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 97% and in 2011 ‘Time’ named is “The 25 All-TIME Best Animated Films”.

    Yes, Dumbo may include them getting drunk (bad impression for kids but alcohol is never mentioned which doesn’t help much but to some extent, it could be argued that it is up for interpretation), him being stripped away from his mother and people making fun of him but the last two happen. Kids do get taken away from their mothers – whether literally or in some other sense -, and kids get bullied all the time. If we are extremely protective of our kids and hide them from reality when will they learn? When it happens to themselves? 30% of students are bullies or victims to bullies, so why shield them from the inevitable. The movie does not mention a father because they go with stork method of having a child which means there is no father. And why does the father have to be present? I would like to reiterate that parents are sometimes not there or just never showed up. This movie could identify with kids who only have a mother for whatever reason and they feel a bond with them. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE WAY DISNEY PRESENTED THIS CASE. Sometimes life’s questions aren’t answered.

    Do your research, consider other opinions but don’t call yourself a writer if this is the quality of work and effort you put into your work.

    • Sorry you felt this way. This was supposed to be a funny/satire post.

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