Graphic Novels How I Enjoy Thee

I love graphic novels. I’m a sucker for art and literature, something I chalk up to being the child of a graphic design artist and an English Degree holder/editor. Graphic novels combine both of these in the best way possible. In college one of my capstone classes for my English major was on the Graphic novel as literature. That was when I really got into reading literary graphic novels.

This summer I discovered my local library has accumulated a nice little collection of these books and I have taken full advantage.

Here are a few of the novels I read.

Disclaimer: I know some kids and teens might read my blog. These books are really for adults. There’s nothing wrong with mature entertainment, (Les Miserables is a prime example) you just should be an adult to read these in my opinion. I would not assign any of these for my students to read.



Bottomless Bellybutton by Dash Shaw.

This is my kind of novel. 3 adult siblings gather at their parents’ home where their parents announce they are divorcing. (It’s a lot like the Royal Tenenbaums). Everyone realizes how much they mean to each other etc. It also has a lot about identity, the younger brother perceives himself as a frog the whole time except for one scene where we see him as others see him. A lot of great ideas/imagery.


Habibi by Craig Thompson.

Thompson creates beauty. He is a genius. I love all of his stuff. I read Blankets in college and fell in love. His imagery is like a tapestry. This story set in the Middle East shows the turmoil and how the old outdated ways continue to exist alongside modernity and how this effects two young people growing up in the midst of it.


Ghostworld by Daniel Clowes

This is such a weird book. It’s like Daria and everything from the 90s got together in one comic. It has the show about nothing aspect of Seinfeld and the snark of Mean Girls. But at its heart it is about friendship even though both the protagonists are kind of awful people.


Next on my list are Watchmen1-800 Mice, and Persepolis. 

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