Extroversion vs. Introversion

https://i0.wp.com/imgace.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/i-love-food-more-than-people-do.jpgI don’t usually post about things in the realm of psychology, but it’s been a tad trendy lately so here’s my attempt. Personality types intrigue me because I love people, I love watching them, I enjoy overhearing their conversations, just all the things. Humanity fascinates me. Hence I have a degree in the humanities. (puns. Is that a pun? not quite).


Finn oh so accurately describes love. Part of the human experience folks.

Essentially, my feeds on all my social media sites have been filling up with tons of posts about being Introverted. Saying “haha look at me I’m introverted, I use tumblr, I’m deep, I like British television.” I don’t know how the British tv aspect falls in but it always seems to pop up in some aspect or another. Everyone likes British television regardless of personality type. Everyone with a modicum of taste enjoys Sherlock and I think that should be acknowledged.

On to my point. As a very much extroverted person I don’t understand these introverted cries for attention. I thought you just wanted to be alone with a book and some tea? Why do you want everyone to acknowledge your introversion? Beats me. My other point is that everyone needs down time. I love people and being around them and socializing and I like parties and hosting parties. That does not make me shallow. Rather I go to sleep while reading a book like most people or more often falling asleep while watching Netflix. That is a quality of being a person in our modern age.

Maybe I enjoy people because it makes me feel like I’m not alone in the world. We all have shared experiences that we can relate to with one another. Perhaps as a writer I feel like a chronicler of the human experience, and socializing and being around others of my kind are part of the human existence. Granted, I know many great writers basically hermited themselves away from humanity while they wrote. Emily Dickinson for example. Tolkien also strikes me as an introvert. These authors have written beautiful, creative pieces full of humanity. I see myself as an author more like Hemingway, Dickens, C.S. Lewis, or Tina Fey. Enjoys people and experiencing things with others that they infuse into their writing.

What I’m trying to say is that we need both. We all want to watch, read, and experience all of humanity and what it means to be human. We can do that by having both introverts and extroverts in the creative world and other fields. If we only stuck with one option life would be so boring.

Life is variety. We need both.

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