Let’s Talk About Wes Anderson! Part 1.

Ok so any of you who know me in real life, are aware that I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. Ridiculously huge. I’m the go-to person in my friend group for all things Wes Anderson. I even own this book:


Something about Anderson’s films encompasses everything I love and seek in a good movie. His films are clever, beautifully stunning in their design and costuming, artistic, comical, humorous, and thought-provoking. His characters are all so colorful and unique and memorable. I hope one day to write characters as well as he does. Part of the character’s iconicity also comes from the actors who portray them, though, which is another thing that make Anderson films great. My other favorite thing about his films are the soundtracks. So unique and so very perfect. He really knows how to choose the right song for the right moment, which creates great cinema.

Today I am ranking his films according to which ones are my favorites, greatest to least. Although let’s be honest, they all are basically my favorite so this list was a challenge to make.

1) The Royal Tenenbaums. This is Anderson at his finest. Seriously nothing can top this film. Everything about it is great from the storyline heavily influenced by J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey to the narration by Alec Baldwin. Perhaps I also love this movie because it is about a family and I always seem to watch it with family around the holidays. The Nico-heavy soundtrack is also lovely. (Annnd shout out to Luke Wilson in this film. I mean he’s basically Salinger’s Seymour Glass. Or is he more Zooey? Either way yes. [Buzzfeed has a nice breakdown of the Glass sibs here]).



2) The Grand Budapest Hotel. I cannot believe how phenomenal this latest film is. I finally saw it a couple weekends back and I was so delighted. Can Ralph Fiennes get an Oscar for this? Or at least be in more Wes Anderson movies. I also think that Ed Norton should now be in all Anderson films, along with Bill Murray and the others. I don’t want to spoil too much about this one since it’s new, but GO SEE IT. (Also Jason Schwartzman appreciation club. Even though he really is the worst concierge ever).


Look at all these glorious mustaches.

3. Rushmore. Speaking of Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray, here they are at their Wessy Andersonianist. Again heavily influenced by Salinger, this time by The Catcher in the Rye, this film is stunning. Great characters and you feel for all of them even when they are being jerks. Max Fischer is a brilliant character. “I Saved Latin.” The t-shirt I want. I also think this might be my favorite of all Wes Anderson’s soundtracks.  Lots of Kinks, Who, Stones, Cat Stevens, Unit 2 Plus 4, and the lovely Faces song which closes out the film. (I even have one of the Mark Mothersbaugh composed songs as my alarm tone in the mornings). I think one of the best sequences features “Making Time,” by Creation to showcase all of Max’s extracurriculars.

4. Moonrise Kingdom. I love this film so much! I mean I did dress up as Suzy Bishop for halloween even last year. Wes Anderson really seems to understand childhood. Especially that awkward window between childhood and adolescence the main characters Sam and Suzy are in, in this film. The sense of wonderment and precocious maturity are really perfectly portrayed here. Also I love the 1960s and the costuming is to die for like any Wes Anderson film. The adult characters in this film are also really great, and troubling at the same time. They have no idea how their lives are holding together anymore than the kids do. Soundtrack love for this movie too, French influence and children’s’ orchestra heck yeah.




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