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In order to continue with Update my Blog More Project of 2K16, I’ve been trying to think of things to write about that people want to read. Not every post can be a Bowie eulogy. (And I never want to have to write something like it again).

I’m a smart educated woman! It shouldn’t be hard. I have smart and good things I need to be sharing more eloquently and with more people than just my Twitter followers.

I thought I would go back to my roots and how I used to write about the music I was into when I was younger. So here’s what I’ve been rocking out to this week while I make 3rd Quarter lesson plans.

  1. Satellite of Love, by Lou Reed

This song has great rhythm and I love the Bowie vocals at the end (shocker). I also love the way Lou says “I love to watch things on TV.” Something about the inflection is enjoyable. Sometimes his musical delivery reminds me of a Sesame Street character and this is an instance of that.

2. Young Americans, by David Bowie

Honestly I’ve been listening to this whole album. Bowie’s philly soul/Thin White Duke era is very compelling. This record is just full of great funky jams. This titular one especially. Fun fact: it plays in Sixteen Candles when the family is all crazy trying to get to the older sister’s wedding. John Hughes soundtracks are so choice.

3. Pedestrian at Best, by Courtney Barnett

A new 2015 song, Courtney is an Australian singer-songwriter. This song has a killer beat and she sings very deadpan angsty lyrics and it’s so wonderful.  The line: “put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you” is probably my favorite. Check her out. She is fab.


Plus, look how cute she is. 

4. Fascination, by David Bowie

Also from the Young Americans album. This song is so funky and I just want to dance and jam to it. It’s the 70’s in one song. Fun fact: I dance a lot like this:


5. Station to Station, by David Bowie

This album is fabulous and fantastic and perfection of Thin White Duke Bowie. This song, of all the ones on this album can be described as cocaine the song. The album was the transition between Young Americans and the German period trilogy of albums. Germany was were he went to quit drugs et al. Later he said he had no memory of making this album. Don’t do drugs, stay in school kids, unless you’re Bowie I guess? Yeah that’s a terrible message. Make good choices. A good choice would be to listen to this song because it is great and all over the place and it’s 10:15 minutes long but I enjoy every bit of it.

Once there were mountains on mountains
And once there were sunbirds
to soar with
And once I could
never be down
Got to keep searching
and searching
Oh what will I be believing
and who will connect me with love?

-Bowie, Station to Station

6. Vicious, by Lou Reed

Andy Warhol asked Lou to write a song about being vicious like “Oh, you know, vicious like I hit you with a flower.” So he turned that into a lyrics and here is the resulting song. Conversations among artists are weird yet make so much sense.

7. Golden Years, by David Bowie

Golden years whop whop whop. This song is just a lot of jammy fun and is also from the Station to Station album. It tends to be the one people most remember from that era. Fave lyric: “Doing all right, but you gotta get smart.” I just like the way he sings smart and the song is really building upon itself at that point.

8. TVC15, by David Bowie

This is a trippy song about a TV eating someone’s girlfriend. I do not joke about these things. The 70’s were a different time. But the beat is jovial and it’s really just a great song.

9. Downtown by Macklemore and feat-ing a lot of other people I suppose.

This is the stupidest song I’ve ever loved. It’s just really catchy even it if is by ridiculous Macklemore et al and about a stupid moped.

10. Walking on Broken Glass, by Annie Lennox

I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR ANNIE LENNOX. And this song is my favorite to blare while I get things done. It’s number one on my “Cait’s Productivity Jams 2K16” playlist.


Well those are my jams this week. Enjoy. Comment if you liked it. I hope to make this a weekly thing since sharing music is a joy of mine.


Enjoy your life



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