Weekly Listens: Valentines Edition

Are these songs all love songs? Not really. Just the songs I’ve been listening to recently and some of them happen to be about love of all different kinds. A lot of them I just particularly love because of the artists who wrote/perform them.  I spent my V-day with a cold and watching movies with my teenage cousins. Not a bad day overall.

  1. What about Love? by Heart

80s power ballads are where it’s at man. So many feels man in such an epic format. Also the 80s had so many rad girl bands. Bring it!

What about love?
Don’t you want someone to care about you?
And what about love?
Don’t let it slip away
What about love?
I only want to share it with you
You might need it someday

2. Down 4 So Long by ILoveMakonnen featuring Despot and Ezra Koenig

I heard this on Ezra’s itunes radio show and fell in love. I think I just love Ezra too much. Usually songs with too many people “feat-ing” on it are no, but I really like the verses on this one, Ezra’s guest verse goes all over the place and it’s an enjoyable ride. This song is just too smooth.

“I hate myself, I think Americans are whack, but other countries leave me feeling weird like afternoon naps.”

Ain’t that the truth, Ezra.

3. The Shade, by Metric

This song is more of a summer jam but I’ve been listening to it lately in hopes of warmer times soon I guess? The Groundhog predicted an early spring. But I live in the Midwest so who knows. I just like the feeling of this song. She wants it all. She’s ready to commit. Plus it has a great beat.

With eternal love, the stars above
All there is and ever was
I want it all, I want it all

4. The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out To Get Us! by Sufjan Stevens


Probably one of my favorite Sufjan songs of all time and that is saying a lot because I love him so much and he is the dreamiest. Great lyrics and storytelling as always, Suf gives us a story of childhood friends and childhood love. So simple. So pure.

Thinking outrageously I write in cursive
I hide in my bed with the lights on the floor

5. Unbelievers, by Vampire Weekend

I listen to this song all the time, every time, in all of the times of year. But for some reason I’ve been listening to it the most lately. It’s just one of my most favorite Vampire Weekend songs. Ezra puts so much emotion into the vocals in this one. I also love the mix of Irish instrumentation in this song. It makes me look ahead to March, and St. Patrick’s day on the horizon and celebrating my heritage and spring.

6. Sweet Thing, by David Bowie

The live version of this is bae, to use teen speak. The lyrics are great and I just like how smooth and beautiful it is. Bowie is great. I also love how this song connects with the Candidate song and Sweet Thing reprise on the Diamond Dogs album. I love when songs connect. It needs to happen more.

I’m glad that you’re older than me
Makes me feel important and free
Does that make you smile, isn’t that me?
I’m in your way, and I’ll steal every moment

7. All I Want Is You, Barry Louis Polisar

Song I fell in love with on the Juno soundtrack and is just the cutest weird love song and no one can stop me from loving it.

8. Have I the Right, by Vampire Weekend

This is a cover of the Honeycombs, a British band who originally released this song in 1964. I feel like Vampire Weekend are the perfect group to cover it, since it’s such a fun song and they are a fun band. Ezra’s vocals are the best, as always.

9. There is a Light that Never Goes Out, by the Smiths

Ahh emo Smiths love song but I can’t help it. And it’s on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack so that makes it extra good. “To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.” Quote that line to any self-respecting hipster you are crushing on and they are putty in your hands I guess?


10. Piazza New York Catcher, by Belle and Sebastian

This song this song this song. I love it so much, the lyrics, and the folky strumming of the guitar are so choice. I think what I love most about it is it’s simplicity and yet the lyrics are incredibly complex. Lyrics genius that stuff.

Elope with me Ms. Private and we’ll sail around the world
I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl
How many nights of talking in hotel rooms can you take
How many nights of limping round on pagan holidays
Oh elope with me in private and we’ll set something ablaze
A trail for the devil to erase

11. Sweet Jane, by The Velvet Underground

Probably my favorite Velvet Underground song. This playlist today is just full of all my most favorites. The beat of this song is so great and I love jamming out to it. And the lyrics are my fave. Especially this one: “All the poets studied rules of verse
And those ladies they rolled their eyes.”


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