Oi With the Millennial Bashing Already


Well internet. We did it. We found a new scapegoat in a post-hipster man-bun world.

Humans. Hello. We need to stop categorizing each other and tearing whole generations down. People have as little control over what year they were born in as they do their race or sexual orientation. If I have to read or see one more millennial bashing article (especially a self-hate one written by other millennials) I’m going to eat my snapback hat on artisanal bread with avocado.

Are millennials different than previous generations? Sure. Others have delved into that more eloquently and deeply than I.


Or use Google 

But every generation is different. Each new group of people is unique and should be. If we weren’t continuing to grow and change as humans, that would be a problem. And some of the greatest generations have been enterprising advocates for change. Like the Revolutionary generation, or the WWII generation.

Are some of us maybe spoiled? Yes. Stereotypes exist for a reason after all. I will admit to being addicted to twitter, coffee, and my daily rants about the patriarchy like any good 20-something woman. But I, like others of my generation are more than those things. We are living, breathing humans in this world struggling to make it in this weird changing economic, political and planetary climate.

For every Kardashian and reality TV star wackadoo, I raise you a Taylor Swift, a Hannah Hart, a Tyler Oakley, an Anna Kendrick. These are creative people creating new ways to be hardworking and build your own self-made brand. We don’t live in a world anymore where you can only be successful working at the same company or firm for 50 years as an engineer or a lawyer. (No offense to those very valid career options). But I dub the millennial generation as the rise of the creator, the artist. With so many new places to share and create in this connected world, you can achieve your dreams and share your talents with the world. And even collaborate!

Our role models who are helping pave the way, those at the cusp between Gen X and Gen Y, the Vlogbrothers and Lin-Manuel Mirandas (heck even the Tina Feys who are solid Gen X-ers) of the world, prove that you can build a brand for yourself through perseverance, hard work, and a little bit of the American Dream.

So Humans. Let’s agree to stop tearing each other down when we should be working together inter-generationally to keep making this planet an even better place to live.


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